The magical properties on our skin of one of the most amazing ingredients – Snail extract

Nice cosmetics with snail extract promises instant and stable results for the beauty and youth of the skin. Especially when it is high in „magic ingredient“, as is the serum of one of the most sought-after brands LeReel.More information you will find HERE. Let’s find out why we can expect incredibly good performance for an impressive look of our skin.

Why snail extract?

In the 20s of the XX century, a farmer from South America noticed that the hands of workers who collected snails for the needs of French cooking, had beautiful and smooth skin, regardless of age and severity of work.

The interest provoked many years of scientific studies that proved that the snail extract contains collagen, glycolic acid, alatonine, vitamins of group A, B, E and natural antibiotics. This composition leads to regeneration, accelerated wound healing, moisturizing and rejuvenation! Thanks to the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, we can benefit from the proven efficacy Serum with snail extract LeReel with a high content of priceless ingredients for the skin. All about the product, see HERE.

For whom is it suitable?

Serum with snail extract LeReel is hypoallergenic and is suitable for any skin type, as well as for any age!It can be used both in teenage acne and to remove wrinkles from mature skin. The purity and delicate action of Serum LeReel makes it suitable even for problem skin!This is a natural product that can not be synthesized in a laboratory.

Especially quickly you can notice the effect of this miracle cocktail when:

The skin has lost elasticity and density
Wrinkles and bumps have appeared on it
The skin is puffy, shadows are visible under the eyes
They show acne scars
The skin appears dull, dehydrated
The complexion is faded and gray
The oval of the face and neck has lost distinctness

In order not to have to „mask“ problem areas of the face with makeup, we can deal with visible problems and make your skin smooth and beautiful in a natural and natural way. Start with beautifying the skin now! Get a serum with LeReel Snail Extract from HERE.

In addition, snail extract has drainage properties: it removes swelling from problem areas and improves microcirculation. Especially quickly this result will be noticed by people who get up in the morning with a puffy face and swelling under the eyes.

How to choose a product?

The leading criterion when choosing a product with snail extract is the concentration, purity and method of extraction!Every person who treats the choice of cosmetics responsibly knows that it should not contain parabens, silicones and artificial colors.A pure product of high concentration is Serum LeReel – with unique properties derived from the garden snail Helix aspersa. Its active ingredients are very close in composition and structure to those in the human body, which supports the natural processes of healing and regeneration.

IMPORTANT: The extract in the serum LeReel is extracted from the snails without causing them any suffering or inconvenience. After extracting the extract, they continue their normal lifestyle. According to experts, this process is even useful for animals. The efficacy and safety of Serum LeReel have been proven through numerous tests in which no animal experiments have been used!

The powerful action of the snail extract in Serum LeReel is supplemented with almond oil, Bulgarian Rose Water, D-panthenol. Formula without analogue, can be ordered HERE!