Snail extract for joint pain and bone and tendon problems

Snails are known not only as a delicacy food, but also as a source of useful substances with healing properties.One of the exciting uses of snails is their extract, which is used in medicine to relieve joint pain and improve bone and tendon health.

Why are snails useful?

Snails contain many useful ingredients, including glycoproteins, enzymes, minerals and hyaluronic acid.These elements are considered effective in combating inflammatory processes associated with diseases of the joints and bones.

Efficiency in joint pain

Snail extract is popular among people suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and other joint diseases.It can help reduce pain and inflammation by providing the necessary nutrients to maintain joint health.

Supporting bones and tendons

Besides the positive effect on joints, snail extract can also support bone and tendon health.The minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc contained in snails are important for strengthening bones and maintaining tendon flexibility.

How is snail extract used?

Snail extract is available as a supplement and can be consumed orally. Before you start taking it, it is always good to consult a health professional, especially if you have previous health problems or are taking medications.


Snail extract is an interesting and natural way to support the health of joints, bones and tendons.However, it is always important to seek professional advice before starting new supplements to your regimen.

The snail extract in HELIX OSTEO SYSTEM, as well as the formula of the product are developed by a team of scientists of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – result of many years of research and development.