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MI TRADE GROUP LTD is a company with strong structure and long experience in the trade with Bulgarian cosmetic brands and food supplements on the domestic and international market. Our focus is on innovative and effective products that improve quality of life and bring real benefits to people.

We work hard and committed to achieving joint success and growth with Bulgarian producers and experts. MI TRADE GROUP successfully develops the brand LeReel, which is a result of our partnership with a team of scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

LeReel is a Bulgarian brand, without analogue, created with research and innovation that guarantee high quality and efficiency. The brand offers its customers the best of nature, combined with modern scientific achievements in the field of cosmetics and dietary supplements.

LeReel offers a wide range of skin health and beauty products that provide regeneration, hydration, anti-aging effect, protection from harmful external influences and improve skin texture. As well as natural supplements for the musculoskeletal system and good condition of the joints and cartilage.

LeReel’s products are based on a purified Helix aspersa garden snail extract, which contains important and valuable components such as collagen, elastin, allantoin, glucosamignlicans, proteoglycans, peptides and glycopeptides, glycolic acid, etc, vitamins A, C and E. The ingredient is distinguished by many advantages:

For skin

Stimulates regeneration, visibly reduces wrinkles and imperfections (pigment spots, scars), keeps the skin well hydrated, soothes irritations and increases natural defenses.

For the organism

Supports the immune system, improves the condition of the joints and supports the regeneration of cartilage. Stimulates the recovery of the gastric mucosa and tissues, reduces the risk of damage during radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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