Serum with snail extract LeReel, 30 ml.
serum-s-extract-ot-ohliuvi-lereel.jpgRead more
SKINOVATE cream gel for skin renewal LeReel, 30 ml.
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PURIFINE detoxifying and regenerating mask with gentle peeling effect LeReel, 50 ml.
Purifine.jpgRead more
EYE SERUM against dark circles LeReel, 15 ml.
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HELIX Easy Movement massage cream with snail extract for pain and stiffness LeReel, 100 ml.
helix-easy-movement.jpgRead more
HELIX OSTEO SYSTEM - for bones, joints, tendons, for free movement, LeReel, 300 ml.
helix-osteo-system.jpgRead more


What is one of the fastest ingredients for rejuvenation and beautification of the skin

The snail extract is an exceptional ingredient for the good and well-groomed appearance of our skin.It is no coincidence that it is becoming more and more preferred by ladies all over the world who are looking for fast visible results for beautification of the skin and removal of imperfections. Define its action as “miracle”.This is […]

The magical properties on our skin of one of the most amazing ingredients – Snail extract

Nice cosmetics with snail extract promises instant and stable results for the beauty and youth of the skin. Especially when it is high in „magic ingredient“, as is the serum of one of the most sought-after brands LeReel.More information you will find HERE. Let’s find out why we can expect incredibly good performance for an […]

Snail extract for joint pain and bone and tendon problems

Snails are known not only as a delicacy food, but also as a source of useful substances with healing properties.One of the exciting uses of snails is their extract, which is used in medicine to relieve joint pain and improve bone and tendon health. Why are snails useful? Snails contain many useful ingredients, including glycoproteins, […]

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